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Ownership Structure

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Bradesco is a private-sector, publicly-held company, with its ownership divided into shares traded on stock exchanges. In practice, this means that every Bradesco stockholder holds an ownership interest in the Bank in proportion to the number of shares they own. The Bank’s ownership structure (both current and previous) for the two types of shares is shown below:

• Registered Common Shares (ON), whose holders are entitled to vote at Bradesco’s General Meetings of Shareholders; and

• Registered Preferred Shares (PN), whose holders are not entitled to vote at General Meetings of Shareholders, but, on the other hand, are given preference when certain rights are exercised, such as the right to dividends, which consists of the payment to shareholders of a portion of the income in a fiscal year. 

In thousands september/17 june/17 september/16
Common Shares 3,049,449 3,049,449 3,049,449
Preferred Shares 3,035,625 3,035,625 3,035,625
Subtotal - Outstanding Shares 6,085,074 6,085,074 6,085,074
Treasury Shares 23,888 23,888 23,888
Total 6,108,962 6,108,962 6,108,962

Bradesco’s Corporate Organization Chart

Stock Ownership Structure