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How can I buy Bradesco's shares listed in stock exchanges outside Brazil?

Banco Bradesco has ADRs listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker BBD. Bradesco also has preferred shares listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange (Latibex) under the ticker XBBDC. To buy or sell Bradesco's ADRs and preferred shares, you should contact a stockbroker authorized to trade on these markets.

How does the Buyback program work?

The decision of buying Common (ON) and Preferred (PN) shares back is made by the Board of Directors. According to the Law, the Buyback program expires in one year, which may be extend or not. The shares bought back are held in the Treasury of the Bank, until eventual sell or canceling.

What is the diference between Common (ON) and Preferred Shares (PN)?

Owners of Common Shares of are given vote writes , but the Preferred Shares not. On the other hand, owners Preferred Shares receive an extra 10% of Interest on Own Capital and Dividends.

What are the tickers of Bradesco's share, in which exchanges are they traded and in which currencies?

Bradesco shares are traded in the São Paulo Stock Exchange - Bovespa in Reais, in New York Stock Exchange - ADR Level II in Dollars and Latibex - Madrid Stock Exchange in Euros. The ticker codes of Bradesco's shares are: BBDC 3 (ON) and BBDC 4 (PN) - São Paulo Stock Exchange; BBD(PN) and BBDO (ON) - ADR Level II in New York; XBBDC - Latibex (Madrid Stock Exchange).